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Hello all my fellow straight guy lovers! It's been a bit since I've reached out to you but hopefully you've been enjoying our latest offerings featuring some of your old favorite ASG scenes in nice, crisp and clear HD. Isn't technology amazing when it finally catches up? We lucked up and found some super fancy software that utilizes the latest AI technology (yes, Artificial Intelligence) that takes the old Standard Definition footage and transforms it into a rich viewing experience like it was just shot today with the most advanced equipment. That's a really great discovery when you consider that not much of today's porn meets the hotness of the classic ASG. It was a different time with a different breed of directors and models behind the work. ASG was one of the leaders in the "straight guys doing gay porn" or "Gay 4 Pay" market as it would eventually become known.

Aside from myself when I was in command over at Active Duty, Doug, Jay and Marc here at ASG were dedicated to bringing you the straightest, hottest and most masculine guys doing the gayest things we could talk them into doing. It was an era all to itself. Aside from a few studios that have picked up the torch and continued to carry it along, it's a genre and an art all but gone. Not only has technology made it possible to enjoy these classic scenes in super HD, but sadly, technology has made the genuine hard-to-get straight guy much harder to find. Too many options present themselves now and it's more mainstream for a guy to "experiment" and get his cock sucked than ever before. It's sad in a sense because there's no more "underground" or "secrets" like there once was which made life more interesting. For me, it was never fun unless I wasn't supposed to be doing it. This generation may just have it too easy which is rather boring to me. Luckily for those of us who miss certain things about the past, there's AI technology that brings what we love into today's latest formats and quality. And, the AI software keeps learning as time goes on and eventually it'll allow us to present the scenes to you here in 2K and even 4K quality. That's what we are currently working on so stay tuned for that.

Also, you may have noticed last week that we released our first HD Compilation in the form of ASG MIX 1 which brings 5 of our latest upgraded HD scenes into one big file for you to hit play and enjoy for a full hour and forty minutes! No more finding the next scene while your hard on fades, just hit play on an ASG MIX and enjoy some hot porn for as long as you need to finish your business! We will introduce one super long, action packed ASG MIX (or compilation) each month for you to enjoy in addition to our regular weekly HD Updates! ASG is finally coming into its own for the 21st Century and if you're like me, you couldn't be happier.

If you haven't joined ASG lately, now is a great time to do so.


We've been teasing you about new things to come here at ASG recently as we've rolled out some new features such as the "Pay-Per-Scene" section, celebrated ASG's 20th Anniversary and gave you plenty of incentive to join us through the long quarantine. We've provided you with our own version of a stimulus package by making ASG more affordable than ever. We hope you've taken advantage of it and are now reading this blog from inside the members area. If not, there is no better time than now to join the inner circle as this week we're rolling out yet another great feature.

In an effort to further enhance the value of your ASG membership we have added a brand new section called "Bonus Updates" where we will feature a second weekly update here on the site with additional hot content from other studios. Many of you who have followed my work for years will remember Dirty Bird Pictures, which was a secondary sister studio I kicked off as a competitor to the more traditional studios like Falcon, Channel 1 and others. Dirty Bird Pictures was comprised of more story driven, plot intensive features mixing our amateur talent (Active Duty models) with more mainstream models for what would be a much more polished, glossy and professional catalog of work. From a success standpoint, this formula worked like a charm. It wasn't the first time such a thing had been done, but it's immediate success certainly outshined any attempt before it.

Our first year of production saw several of our features nominated for and winning GayVN Awards as well as Grabby Awards nominations and wins. Titles like The Porne Identity saw Kaden Saylor, Colin, Kasey and Levi all from the Active Duty amateur family suddenly mingling with the likes of "Pro's" such as Brent Corrigan and Mason Wyler. Finally I felt like it had all come full-circle. Not only was Active Duty one of the most successful amateur studios on the Internet but now it had a professional sister studio that was turning heads and getting noticed by the industry "big shots". The funny thing was both myself and my amateur guys were showing the "pro's" that we could do it just as good, if not better, than they could.

The Active Duty amateurs were excited to be part of something new and they gave it their all just like they had always done in their amateur productions. I was so happy to finally be able to make them feel like professionals instead of "living room porn stars" as one queen in Chicago once called them. Many of them ended up on the covers of all the gay porn magazines of the time and you could see the pride on their faces when such things happened. The real kicker was when the industry awards recognized their hard work and suddenly they were center stage shoulder to shoulder with the "big" two-name stars of the industry. It truly was a magical time and I was elated to be able to provide such an outlet of recognition for them.

For me, it was a time of thrilling excitement and growth. By this time the "scandal" at Fort Bragg was behind us and I had moved the company to San Diego, CA. Looking back, I can't imagine how I possibly pulled it all off but I was blessed with an office of dedicated folks who were jumping through hoops behind the scenes to make sure we looked good on the frontlines. From solos of soldiers shot mostly in my bedroom back in North Carolina all the way to sunny California, like Virginia Slims, we'd come a long way, baby.

Starting now and for the first time ever, you can enjoy the exclusive scenes we shot under the Dirty Bird Pictures umbrella here at ASG via the mid-week "Bonus Update". You'll no doubt remember many of the faces and be glad to see them again in different scenarios. I hope you enjoy this addition to ASG and the added weekly content to enhance the value of your porn dollar.


Twenty years ago this month, lovers and online pioneers put their vision in motion and opened the virtual doors to their world at Amateur Straight Guys. Though they were deeply in love with one another Doug and Jay shared a love for bedding straight guys. It was that fantasy that would inspire them to venture out and buy a camera and begin recruiting straight guys for their new business. The two were good at finding and convincing hot straight guys to strip down and throw caution to the wind while crossing over their sexual boundaries and experimenting with other guys.

The World Wide Web was much akin to the Wild Wild West at the time and they staked their claim in a genre that would dominate the gay online market place for the decades that would follow. In addition to my own site, Active Duty, which I had started two years earlier. the sites that catered to this genre and did it well could be probably be counted on one hand. The onslaught of similar sites would still be a couple of years away and Doug and Jay set out on their maiden voyage with their unique brand of seducing straight guys into doing not so straight things. Many of those sites we all know so well now like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Broke Straight Boys and many others would owe it to the success of Amateur Straight Guys and its founders Doug and Jay for helping pave the way. They truly were visionaries ahead of the pack.

For the next 10 years ASG would thrive and become one of the most successful "gay-for-pay" sites on the Internet. In 2010 when I got word that Doug and Jay had parted ways and Amateur Straight Guys would either be sold or closed down I quickly stepped up and made an effort to save the legendary site from closing down. After all, I had been a big fan myself even though I had enjoyed enormous success with Active Duty and had solidified my own brand of straight military guys crossing the line and experimenting. Our guys may have been different but our concept was the same and it was a welcome distraction for me to enjoy someone else's work in addition to my own. Stepping up to save another pioneering site just seemed like the right thing to do.

The road ahead would be hard but worth the fight. A lot of things had to be resolved and even a lawsuit to be fought with some of Doug and Jay's former business relationships. I knew what I was in for before I signed on the dotted line and I was ready for the fight. Luckily the fight was successful and all things resolved.

When I sold my beloved baby Active Duty back in 2015 I decided to keep Amateur Straight Guys rather than include it in the deal. In 2018 we redesigned the site and relaunched the version you are on right now. Twenty years later ASG is still enjoying success and is alive and well. The hard work of Doug and Jay has been preserved and catalogued here for people like yourself to enjoy for many years to come.

The hunt for straight guys willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new things is still ongoing and there are several new things on the horizon here at ASG. In the coming weeks as we continue to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ASG we will be introducing these new features to make it an even better site and a great experience for our members. Stick around. We're glad you're here. It's not every day that we get to personally enjoy legends but ASG is here going strong and ready for you to enjoy!

Hey Fellow Straight Guy Chasers,

With the current state of things as the world battles the Coronavirus (COVID-19) many of us are starting to feel the isolation and loneliness brought about by social distancing not to mention the mental tensions of quarantining. Horniness is at an all-time high for those who aren't in a steady relationship. Grindr and other online hook-ups have, well, all been grinding to a halt (at least they should be) as we distance ourselves and try to stay well. With all but essential workers on the time-clock a lot of folks are also suffering financially. That's why we've been trying to do our part here at ASG to help keep your porn binges satisfied. With all the time we have on our hands right now, a good long binge of ASG content is a good way to pass the time and satisfy that overabundance of horny energy we all seem to have right now. Keep an eye out for weekly updates of ASG content or spend time going back and enjoying 20 years worth of straight guys doing not so straight things with one another!

That's right, Amateur Straight Guys turns 20 next month. Launched way back in May of 2000 by gay lovers Doug and Jay, ASG was among the first gay porn sites to specialize in straight guys crossing the line and doing gay things with their buddies for the first time. Rivaled only by my own passion for and attraction to these types of guys, Doug and Jay cut a swath through online gay porn and helped build a genre that has stood the test of time and satisfied many a straight guy lovers fantasies. No matter how long ago a scene here on ASG was shot, the fantasy and the content remains just as relevant today as it was the day the camera's rolled. ASG is a timeless resource for anyone who loves to watch straight guys step outside their comfort zones and get their first blow job from another guy or fuck another guy's ass and vice-versa. The format never grows old and thanks to the keen eye of ASG's founders and those of us who have since contributed to the content here on ASG, the men that grace these scenes are some of the finest fantasy material ever to be captured in the genre. Gorgeous examples of masculinity and hotness have always been the calling card here at ASG.

Our last several updates have come with a slight plot twist to the usual format as we've been featuring guest-directed content from the mega-hung Barrett Long. I originally produced these scenes for the now defunct XXX Amateur Hour. In these scenes, our straight director Barrett uses his thick uncut 11-inch monster cock to entice his participants to test their limits. And, as I've always said, everybody loves a big dick. I don't care who you are, there's just something fascinating and challenging about a big ol' dick that draws us all in no matter what our usual preference is. So, Barrett entices straight and gay boys alike with his perfect example of a beautiful big dick. Not to mention the amazing cum shots he packs with every load he shoots. It's unreal. I've often found that super hung guys generally don't shoot such massive loads but Barrett delivers cum shots that span several feet every time he blows his load and covers his partner in a huge delicious mess.

Also stay tuned for another great addition that we'll be rolling out for all ASG members in the near future that will give you even more binge worthy bang for your buck at no additional cost. It's just another way for us to say thank you for sticking with us as we celebrate 20 years online!

As we continue to practice social distancing and self quarantine to battle the Coronavirus, I invite you to take advantage of our binge worthy catalog of some of the hottest straight guys to ever engage in equally hot gay sex. If the genre is in line with your fantasies, ASG is among the oldest and most trusted sources to fulfill your needs. With over 600 full-length scenes and more coming every week, you can't go wrong with an ASG membership. It's a healthy choice and one guaranteed to keep you binging and jerking for hours on end.

I personally wish all of you continued good health as we navigate through this pandemic and fight to get back to a normal way of life. Please don't take any avoidable chances at contracting this awful virus. Follow all national and local guidance and most of all your own intuition and together we'll get through this. In the meantime, hang out with us here at ASG to pass the time and satisfy your horny cravings!


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