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Hey Fellow Straight Guy Chaser,

Our big-dicked Mac is back to pound some ass once again, and it seems like he's starting to get really comfortable giving it to his fellow man from behind. You can tell by his facial expressions that he's quite amazed by Jake's skills at both sucking a big cock as well as taking it like a champ. I don't think Mac ever realized there was so much fun to be had on this side of the fence. He's slowly learning though that there's plenty of fun to have with another willing guy.

And talk about willing, Jake is more than a team player and his first time at bat for us here at Amateur Straight Guys proves to be a home run. Jake is admittedly bisexual with a live-in girlfriend. I'm guessing he's getting plenty of action on the female end of the spectrum but as hungry as he was for Mac's monster tells me he might not be getting his fill of man on man action anywhere else. That's good for us because Jake jumps right in head first (literally). As soon as my camera comes on, Jake is already playing with his new buddies cock, and Jake is loving all the attention.

I thought it would be a good idea to leave these two alone to get acquainted but no sooner than I leave the room with the camera still running on the tripod to go check my pie in the oven, Jake tightens his grip on Mac's manhood. He's going down on it like it may be the last chance he ever gets to suck another man's member. He's on it like cotton candy on a stick. He's eating it up like a kid at the county fair and Mac is enjoying every deep inch of Jake's hot, hungry throat.

This either isn't Jake's first time or he's been so cock deprived that he's as hungry as a bear just coming out of hibernation. Either way, we're lucky to be along for the ride. Jake covers all the oral bases by worshipping Mac's big dick as good as any cocksucker I've ever seen. Watching him enjoy that fat piece of meat is a reminder of how we all should be so thankful when we get to wrap our hands around such a beautiful and perfect example of the ultimate cock. It's certainly a strong testament to my belief that everyone loves a big dick I don't care how much pussy you get.

Batter Up! After some good sloppy deep head, Mac's ready to try Jake's other offering. At one point he's standing over Jake's ass that's hiked high in the air and pounding down into it over and over again like a jackhammer. Mac particularly enjoys being able to go balls deep, pull all the way out and do it again and again. He gives Jake's hole a good deep dicking in several positions then flips him on his back to pound him some more as he jerk's Jake's cock while banging his ass.

Before it's all said and done, Jake is busting his hot, creamy load everywhere before he gets on his knees to take every last drop of Big Mac's hefty load in his hungry mouth. Jake has no problem savoring the gooey good taste of Mac's creamy cum as he swirls the load around in his mouth before standing up and spitting is back onto Mac's dick, lubing it up to jerk it some more. All the while Mac is still standing at attention, as hard as he was when Jake pried the monster out of his pants. The chemistry is clearly good between these two as Big Mac seems to want to take things further at a couple of turns in the road, but doesn't quite give in. Something tells me it won't be long before Big Mac is returning the favor and sucking some cock himself.

Stay tuned!

Hey there fellow Straight Guy Lover,

I got lucky and didn't have to stand on the virtual Internet corners that I work, swinging my purse, snapping my chewing gum and calling out "Heeeeeeey straight boy" to get the attention of Mike Reed and Kota. They both came to me through my model recruiting site so they were already looking to do something naughty. While I live for the adventure that comes with the chase of actually seeking guys out either in person at my usual recruiting spots around town or working my virtual corners online, it's always exciting when I get an unsolicited application through the recruiting site. Opening an application with pics of a hot guy attached that I've never seen before can be a real thrill.

And such was the case with both of our latest Try Out video performers Mike Reed and Kota. However, I still had my work cut out for me when it came time to convince these guys that I was trustworthy enough to first send me a copy of their identification (drivers license, etc), to then make their Try Out videos and then (even more trust involved here) to upload those videos for me and sign the required model release all BEFORE they could get paid. Smooth talker or not, gaining the trust of a complete stranger through initial emails and then a phone call without meeting them can be a lot harder than it may sound. In these situations I really have to polish my skills, put on my silver tongue and hope like hell I can gain that trust. I have one shot.

Lucky for all of us, I usually succeed. When Mike Reed's application arrived the pics to your left were 2 of the four pics attached. It was that selfie mirror pic of him standing there, torso twisted and that cute as hell position he was holding his tongue in that sent me over the edge. He was definitely trying hard to sell himself but with a face like that he could have been wearing a tater sack and I'd have still hit the "Reply" button just as quick as I did by seeing the full frontal. I immediately sent him an email expressing my interest and requested that we set up a time to talk over the phone. I also followed my email by sending him a text message introducing myself. Within a few minutes Mike Reed's sexy ass voice was at the other end of a conversation I was having with this complete stranger. We hit it right off right away and would become quick friends even before we would eventually meet. I would learn that our cute little fellow was attending a trade school where he will study for a two years, get an apprenticeship and a great job guaranteed just for completing the program.

He's a smart guy with goals and plans and making some porn has always been among his dreams. Over the course of a couple of months, after his Try Out video, Mike Reed and I would keep in regular contact. All the while I would be slowly convincing him that, regardless of what he might have imagined, letting another guy fuck that sweet little ass was not like he'd be getting his leg cut off with a chainsaw LOL. Slowly, Mike Reed would come around and it wouldn't be long after that before we would meet and shoot the scenes that you'll see in the future. Also, during those couple of months between us initially meeting via phone, text and email, Mike Reed would do several "Try Out" videos for me. Mainly because he was cute as hell and I wanted to see what he'd come up with next! In one of those he plays the guitar and sings a popular song for us before putting on a great show. I can't wait to eventually share that one with you or the one where he has just returned from "Chapel Service" still wearing his church clothes and strips down naked for us to do a little "sinning" with us!

Kota was another applicant that I didn't have to chase down. A fellow Southerner, we hit it off pretty quick as well. He's a super cute guy, too, and I think you're really gonna like his future stuff. He's so sexy in his Try Out video as he introduces himself to us. I'm not sure who you'll like best but if you're like me you'll be crazy for both of them. They are at opposite ends of the sexy spectrum with one being boyish and smooth and the other hairy and more manly. For me, I like both of those types about equally as well. Kota is a character and he can draw you right in with that cute southern drawl and when he gets naked I'm sure your eyes will be locked to the screen.

Before I go I wanted to run a couple of things by you guys. First, don't miss out on a great deal we have where you can lock in your membership price of $12.50 per month by choosing our 1 year membership option. For those of you who like to save money and those who know you'll be sticking around as part of the ASG family I encourage you to take advantage of this savings!

Also, we are considering switching our update day from Sunday to Friday. Let me know what you think or if you mind us doing so. It would make things a lot easier on us around here and it will ensure the update is already up by the time you get here if you still prefer to view the updates on our usual day of Sunday. I like to make decisions like this with you guys in mind because your input and satisfaction is so important to me. Also, if you have anything else on your mind or questions or just general praise or want to raise hell at me about something, please don't hesitate to use the "Contact Dink" link at the bottom of the site.

Be back next week.
Dink Flamingo

Once again I struck gold right before Craigslist Personals section closed down. While preparing to visit a friend of mine several hours away, I did what I'd normally do and went on the M4W section to see if there were any hot straight boys around town that were looking for some action. As soon as I saw Jimmy's ad titled, "Let's Make a Movie," I knew I had a live wire on the line. My first thought in response to his ad title was, "Yes, let's do make a movie." And while I knew he and I had two different kinds of "movies" in mind, I sent him a detailed email with a link to my recruiting site. It wasn't long before Jimmy's application came in and even more pics of this beautiful man and his gigantic cock were attached. I was sold. Now, I just had to sell Jimmy on the idea of making a Try Out video for a guy that he knew nothing about.

I was straight up from the very beginning and let him know right away that my specialty was videos for a gay or bisexual audience. He didn't seem threatened by it at all and got right back to me to tell me that he wasn't sure about doing a guy/guy scene but he was definately down to show off his huge cock for anyone who wanted to see it. He was clearly looking to show it off and I was more than willing to help him. It wasn't two hours after sending him the instructions for the Tryout video before my email lit up letting me know I had a new file to view and sure enough it was Jimmy's Tryout video. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I sent him over all the documents to sign while I viewed his video and again, he got right back to me. Our boy was clearly ready to play ball and follow instructions. Not only did he pass all the technical requirements with flying colors, but I'm sure you're going to agree he also excelled at making a great first Tryout video for us. I fell in love with that sexy ass voice as soon as I started watching this video and knew right away you'd all love this guy as well.

Unfortunately, on my first trip to visit my friend, I was only able to meet Jimmy briefly at the busy bar he bartends at. So, I wasn't able on that trip to get him to a hotel and get a proper solo of him. But as I'm sure you'll agree that Jimmy was well worth another visit and you'll learn about that soon! In the meantime, enjoy Jimmy's first Tryout video and let us know what you think by giving it a thumbs up. The way you do that is in the members area, on the page that plays his video or if you click on Jimmy's name or photo, it'll take you over to his model info page and from there you can give him a thumbs up. Let us know through your votes if you want to see more of this hung hottie in the future.

Until next week,
Dink Flamingo

Welcome Back my Fellow Straight Guy Chasers,

When I'm not roaming the isles of the local Walmarts (yes, I'm lucky enough to have more than one in my city) looking for my next new challenge,  I'm usually online cruising the virtual streets of the Internet looking for them here.  I mourn the loss of the Craigslist Personals because before they shut this section down, I was lucky enough to score a lot of hot straight guys who posted ads there looking for pussy.  Personally, I could never grasp what they were thinking because when you looked at the W4M section there was hardly ever more than a handful of women posting there so that should have been a clue.  Straight boys! Go figure.

Anyway, that's how I met Big Mac!  I would weed my way through the creepy often downright scary or just plain fake posts in the M4W section of what used to be the Casual Encounters section. One day, I spotted these pics of Mac.  He had posted an ad saying he was going to be coming to town that weekend to visit a local college that he was considering attending in the Fall.  He was looking for some fun while here.  Smart guy.  Never miss an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone when you're traveling and horny.  I guess Mac decided he wanted to see what extracurricular activities were available alongside a good education.  I had a few things I wanted to teach him myself so I pulled the age-old bait and switch on our innocent Craigslist poster.  You probably guessed it, but Mac apparently didn't.  Yep, I emailed him posing as a couple who wanted a guy to join us for a threesome.  I have a really good-looking female friend who lets me use her photos for such covert operations because she loves to see the pics of the guys I pull and hear the story about how it all went down.

Well, I sent Mac the bait and he took it hook, line and sinker!  When he finally arrived, I made the switch, telling him my female counterpart had gotten called into work at the last minute.  He was obviously disappointed but he didn't up and leave right away.  He started telling me how he had been trying to get his live-in girlfriend to do some threesomes with other girls.  He thought my "girlfriend" would be the perfect first introduction if I thought I could talk her into it.  I assured him that I could and the conversation continued on.  Mac didn't seem in a hurry to leave.  Besides, he wasn't scheduled to visit the college until the next day and he hadn't rented a hotel room yet.

We decided we'd go out for pizza and beer and I told him if he wanted to save the money on a hotel room he was more than welcome to crash at my place for the night.  He didn't readily accept but didn't seem opposed to the offer, either.  As the pizza and beer flowed, we began to talk about other things.  I point blank blurted it out, "Have you ever got a blow job from another guy?"  He turned a little red in the face and said, "No, but it almost happened through a Gloryhole once!"  He immediately had my undivided attention and I wanted the full story.

He told me that when he was a senior in high school (he was already 18) that he and some buddies went to an adult bookstore back in his hometown up in Michigan.  Their senior prom was in a week and they were looking for things to use with their girlfriends on prom night.  As they made jokes and looked around at all the big dildos and sex toys he noticed they had another part to the store in the back that had "preview booths" so he and a couple of buddies bought a ticket and went back into this area where booths were lined side-by-side.  They each went into separate booths and when he got into his booth he noticed there was a big circular hole cut out in the wall.

 "Some big fingers swiped across the hole.  It freaked me out.  Whoever was on the other side kept swiping their fingers across the hole.  I bent down and looked through the hole and saw that it was a dude on the other side."  I asked him what he did.  "Well, I stood there for a minute thinking about it but I ended up chickening out and left the booth and went back out front looking for my buddies."  His buddies hadn't made it back to the front of the store yet and the dude that was in the booth beside him came walking out to the front area where he was.  "I got freaked out and went outside and got in the car and waited for my friends."  I asked him if it ever occurred to him that his buddies may have had someone in the booths beside them making the same gesture with their fingers across the hole.  "Yes, I did.  And I became even more suspicious when it took a really long time for them to make it back to the car."  He said everyone was unusually quiet on the ride home, no one was joking anymore.

He asked me if I'd ever let a guy give me head.  Without hesitation, I replied, "Oh hell yeah dude, it's the best.  Dudes suck the best dick no doubt.  I have done it many times."  He got a really surprised look on his face and was silent for a few minutes.  Finally, he asked, "Yeah, but have you ever returned the favor?  Have you ever sucked a dick?"  I laughed and said, "Of course!  I enjoy it.  I guess truth be told I'm bisexual."  "But does your girlfriend know?", he asked.  "She does", I replied.  "Wow.  That's awesome." he confessed.

On our way back to my house, we were both pretty buzzed from the beer.  I told Mac that we had one of those adult stores in town with the gloryholes and stuff and asked him if he wanted to swing by and check it out.  He asked me if I wanted to and I said, "Sure.  Why not?"  "Well, fuck it, let's do it." he said.

Once in the backroom at the bookstore, Mac followed close behind me, following me around like a scared little puppy.  It was so cute.  I found two booths off to themselves with a Gloryhole between them and I went into one, closed the door and locked it.  I waited and hoped like hell he would go into the one beside it.  I saw his feet shuffle nervously back and forth in front of the door a couple of times and finally, he stepped in and started flipping the channels but left the door open.  He stepped back out a time or two and finally stepped back in and locked the door behind him.  He stood there for a few minutes and I could see that big dick growing in his jeans in the glare from the TV screen.  Man, what a big piece of meat this guy was packing.  He squeezed it a few times and unzipped his pants, letting that half-hard monster flop out over his zipper.  He began stroking it and it quickly got rock hard.  I watched in excitement for a minute and suddenly I swiped my fingers across the hole.  I didn't have to do it twice before that massive piece of meat was snug down my throat.  I'm sure my mouth was wetter with excitement than any pussy he'd ever gotten and he fucked my face until he blew his huge load down my throat.  I had to swallow twice just to get it all.

We left the adult arcade and drove back to my place.  He was quiet for awhile and I just let him allow it to all sink it.  "That was fucking awesome.  Damn, I've never had head that good." he blurted out.  "Where did you learn to suck a dick so good?" he asked.  I smiled and said, "Well, they say practice makes perfect." He laughed and said, "Man you must have had a lot of fucking practice because that was fucking perfect."

Back at my house, I gave him head again and he collapsed in the bed next to me and slept like a baby all night long.  I, of course, could hardly sleep and I got him off once more in the wee hours of the morning.  The next morning we said our goodbyes but it wouldn't be the last time I'd see Big Mac.  He's enrolled at the local college he came to visit and he and his live-in girlfriend have already moved into an apartment not too far from me.  He's starting school come fall semester and I'm sure you'll gonna be seeing a lot him around the new place here.  And by the way, he's never mentioned my "girlfriend" again.

Oh, and the story about how this self-made tryout video of Mac came to be will have to wait.  In the meantime, start getting to know Mac as he does his thing for us unbeknownst to him that I was the "Dink" behind Amateur Straight Guys that he was doing this for.  I'll fill you in on that "bait and switch" here soon!

Thanks for reading!
Dink Flamingo

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