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As I begin this journey, here at my new home, my Southern hospitality would not precede me if I didn't first acknowledge the founders of ASG whose passion for bedding hot straight guys not only rivaled that of my own but was the driving force behind the creation of this very website. Lovers at the time, Doug and Jay turned their penchant for straight dick into a full-time business by registering AmteurStraightGuys.com way back in February of 2000. From their humble abode in Kansas City, they built one of the most well-known Internet destinations for lovers of straight guys doing gay things. Their journey would ultimately lead them to their new home in Arizona where ASG continued to grow as Doug and Jay honed their skills for picking up, initiating and ultimately getting straight guys to experiment with one another. Many of you reading this were fans from the very beginning and watched them grow the site into what it is today. Their catalog of videos eventually would grow to hundred's of the absolute hottest videos known to anyone who loved the genre. This hotness has stood the test of time and the 10 years that Doug and Jay spent at the helm of ASG (2000-2010) would define the ASG brand and remain popular with not only the longtime fans but new fans that are still finding their way here to ASG today. No matter which group you are part of, welcome to a website that was built on a burning passion for one thing--straight guys doing not so straight things!

Meanwhile, two years earlier, in 1998, in the "suburbs" of the tobacco fields of North Carolina with one of the worlds largest Army bases right in my backyard, I had turned my own passion for chasing, convincing and bedding straight military guys into a budding Internet site called Active Duty. It was there, at my previous command post, that I turned my love of straight military men into a full-time business. Prior to starting Active Duty, I had been filming some of the straight military guys that I was having sex with. This was initially for my own private collection that I would only share with one or two friends. Eventually, the guys that I was able to convince to strip off their uniforms, throw caution to the wind and get in front of my camera would end up being some of the very first models to appear on the site. At the time, porn on the Internet was so new that many thought it would last about as long as Pat stayed in the Army. I'm sure many of the models from those early days figured the fad would be over before anyone saw them waving their glory for my camera. But, before coming to my senses and going out on my own, I became a guest-director for one of the most well-known collections at the time of military men on video, DYPC (Dirk Yates Private Collection). Dirk had been filming Marines and Navy guys in the San Diego area of Southern California for several years. It was during this time that I would sharpen my skills for picking up, convincing and ultimately sharing some of the hottest military men to ever grace the genre. And that wasn't just my opinion. The popularity of Active Duty exploded and within a few years, like ASG, it would become one of the top destinations for lovers of both naked military men and straight guys experimenting with one another. After releasing my first hardcore video, Basic Training 1, featuring the since departed and much missed, Haus Weston, I never looked back. It was obvious that I was onto something and I was bound and determined to keep repeating it. Shortly thereafter I would release Basic Training 2 and Basic Training 3 both of which successes would further cement my place in a brand new format for delivering porn to the masses. As time went on, those masses would grow by leaps and bounds and I would eventually end up with a catalog of over 250 titles. The years in between accounted for some of the best years of my life and I couldn't think of anything I would have rather been doing.

Those early days of gay porn sites, or any porn site for that matter, popping up on the World Wide Web was much akin to the early days of the Wild, Wild West. We were staking our claim in a brand new territory where, like so many other technologies before it, porn had been the pied piper that everyone else followed. Many sites came and went as did many genres and the evolution of amateur homemade videos ultimately went through what I call the full-circle of Internet erotica. Eventually, the homegrown amateur sites where most content was shot on someone's bed in a private home would take advantage of the income they were making and start paying more attention to their sets. Suddenly the lurid digs of some queens trailer were transformed into a replica of the Taj Mahal. Even I fell victim to the perceived need for fancier backdrops, ripped out my master bathroom and transformed it into the perfect porn set. My entire home soon doubled as both the place I hung my hat (or where Dolly hung her wig) and the background for one of the most popular gay websites of the time. Back then, you knew you'd gone viral when a queen visited your home for the first time and got a puzzled look on her face followed by an "ah ha" moment when she realized where she recognized your living room from.

As the sets became fancier, the things being filmed remained the same--well, at least for a while. But as is the case with a valuable antique, the constant polishing takes away the precious patina that collectors look for when choosing things for their collections. The vision of an artist can become distorted by the financial gain his work earns as his fan base grows. Unfortunately, by the mid-2000's, most of the pioneering sites of amateur gay porn had begun to suffer and be stifled by their own success. The competition that had surfaced after the trail had already been blazed came out of the gate with even more polished sets. The era of gay porn gyms (mine was in my garage) became the go-to backdrop for many of the Internet scenes being shot at the time. The days of originality were all but dead and everyone was on the same trip. Suddenly it seemed that most producers were more concerned with what the background of their scenes looked like than what they were shooting. Looking back, trying to stay relevant caused many to become irrelevant. None-the-less, the success continued to grow. After all, it was porn.

A noticeable change in my own work became evident to many when, forced by the "scandal" of 2006, I packed up and moved my operation West to San Diego. For those of you not familiar with the media blitz surrounding Active Duty at the time, it all started one Friday night when a model that I was introduced to by a couple of his comrades decided, after getting good and drunk, that it would be funny to show everyone in his barracks the website he was featured on. He failed to remember (or simply didn't care) that his buddies (seven of them) were featured prominently on the site doing much more than just jacking off. Right there for all the barracks to see sprawled across his computer screen was his buddies (and the co-workers of those standing over his shoulder) with dicks in their mouths and asses, doing the unthinkable. Before the weekend was over, the news had not only spread all over the base, but a Sergeant's wife who was a hell-bent Christian had called the local newspaper and news stations to share her downright disgust with all this gayness.

By mid-day on Monday newspaper and nightly news reporters were crawling all over my neighborhood like ants, ringing my doorbell and those of my neighbors in hopes of getting more details about their now infamous neighbor that had apparently been filming hot young soldiers in all their glory. Comments like, "They often party late into the night " and, "There seems to be a constant flow of young military types in and out all the time.", filled the pages of the local newspaper. The nightly news reports painted a picture of an underground porn ring hidden right in the midst of their small southern town. The seven paratroopers that were discovered doing more than just covering their comrade's asses on the battlefield were hurried off into hiding by those in charge. The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was still in full effect, but even more so, the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) still had the archaic law against sodomy on the books. In fact, according to this legal document that all military personnel is subject to, any sex other than sex in the missionary position remains illegal.

Anyone familiar with Dink's work knows how much he enjoys writing about it. Each week you'll get all the low-downs as Dink relays the story of each update right here in his blog. You'll be a fly on the wall as he tells the story of how it all went down. From the recruiting process of strolling down the isle's of his local Walmart, searching for "prime suspects" as he calls them, to his late nights spent roaming the "virtual" streets of the Internet for horny straight guys who are looking for some action. From the first meeting to the "First Time" a new straight guy gets it on with another hot guy (or guys), you'll go on a journey as you ride shotgun in Dink's world. From a straight guy jerking off in front of the camera for the first time to getting his first blowjob from another dude all the way to sucking his first dick and maybe even taking one for the team, you'll see it all play out in the videos and read about how Dink was able to eventually make it happen right here in his blog!

In addition to "behind-the-scenes" low downs surrounding each update and the latest happenings here at ASG, the man behind the camera will take you on a stroll down memory lane. Through periodic postings documenting his 20 years of finding, convincing and filming straight guys as they venture outside their normal boundaries, Dink will share some of his wildest stories and even some emotional ones. From a models wife busting through Dink's front door to find her husband sprawled out naked on his couch to local news trucks and reporters camped outside Dink's house, you'll get the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of a life lived behind the camera.

Dink Flamingo is an award-winning director and his work has won countless awards and accolades. As a bonafide member of the coveted GayVN Hall Of Fame as well as his name being among those on the Grabby Awards Wall Of Fame, Dink is no newbie to the gay adult industry. From his humble beginnings as a guest-director to creating and running one of the Internet's most popular gay websites for 16 years, he's seen it all, heard it all and done it all. And his blog is ultimately where he'll share it all with you.