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Evan & Kaden
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Hey Guys! You will not believe what I have in store for tonight's update. I shot an incredibly hot scene between the sexy young stud Evan and moi. This scene is hot, like a firecracker lit from both ends! I could tell that there is a real connection between Evan and I. He is becoming my favorite! He has an amazing personality to match that beautiful body. I start off filming Evan showing off his stunning body and ravishingly tasty ass, Mmmmm. I was hard within the first 10 seconds of filming! I asked him to come over and suck my hard dick. I tell you it was hard to focus on keeping the camera still and enjoying an unbelievably satisfying blow job. I could not wait to get my first taste of Evan's cock! This scene was electrifying, it was an absolute mind blowing experience and I am certain you will enjoy noticing the chemistry between Evan and I. Dink once told me, "Sometimes we are just stretching our souls, but every now and then we come upon a master piece." Guys this was a master piece! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Kaden Saylor

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