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Peter meets Bentley
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In all the years that we've known and worked with Peter never once did we ever pair him with the remarkably hot and hung Bentley. We've watched Peter over the years as he grew from a fledgling "never touched a cock but my own" model to a more mature "shove it in my ass" kind of guy.

On Bentley's recent reunion tour here he stopped in to say hello before winding his way out of town for the coast. Peter had just gotten back in contact with me and I knew that I had to put him together with Bentley. As hot as I dreamed it would be, the day of filming was even hotter than I had imagined and well I suppose you can too knowing these guys as well as you do. So here they are...I know it's what I was anxious to see and I hope you are too.. Peter meets Bentley. Enjoy!

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