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Kaden & Vinny
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Today we have a special one, folks. You may recognize Kaden, who is practically the poster boy for Dink Flamingo's Active Duty, and with good reason. With his genetically perfect good looks, perfect body, and a voice that sounds like melted butter dipped in chocolate, Kaden is one of the hottest guys around, not to mention one of the nicest boys you could ever meet.

So with that going for him, it's no wonder that he was able to convince new recruit Vinny to explore his boundaries for the first time ever. Vinny has an amazing body with a chest and pecs that just won't quit, as you can see over on his own Warchest gallery on ActiveDuty.com. He's got a big smile and an even bigger dick, but he's never done anything with a guy before. He's straight, but curious enough that Kaden was able to convince him to go further than he ever thought possible.

The mojo between veteran Kaden and new guy Vinny is intense right from the start. He may be straight, but you can tell that Vinny has an itch to scratch, and with Kaden leading the way it's no wonder that Vinny follows. Both of them take turns sucking the shit out of each other, and Vinny in particular can't get enough of Kaden's beautiful cock (and who could blame him?). Kaden returns the favor, putting Vinny up against a wall and showing him how good a blowjob from a guy can be. Inspired, Vinny pushes Kaden on the bed and the sixty-nine session that follows is so hot you should probably remove all flammable items from around your computer before you watch it. Check out the look of ecstasy in Vinny's eyes as he swallows Kaden's meat all the way down to the base, finally getting to scratch that itch you know that every straight guy has to see what the other side has to offer.

This video ends with two amazing cum shots. Kaden and Vinny lie side by side, head to toe and toe to head, and when Vinny enters the home stretch he gazes longingly at Kaden's beautiful cock for inspiration before blowing a massive load all over his own chest. A geyser of cum erupts everywhere, big thick wads shooting out, covering his stomache and even hitting the wall behind him. He even tastes a little of it! That's all the inspiration Kaden needs to unleash a salty splatter of his own, and Joe (from MyStraightBuddy.com guest directng again ) makes Vinny taste a little bit of that too, knowing full well that Vinny wanted to try a sample of Kaden's man-batter but was just too new and shy to ask. Then the two of them exchange a warm, wet kiss to seal the deal.

Joe says this is one of his favorite videos now, and it's easy to see why: watching a hot straight dude get initiated, and by Kaden Saylor no less...

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