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Jack and Ransom
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Today we have another cross-over from Dink Flamingo's Active Duty, with an update taped by special guest director Joe from MyStraightBuddy. He's been a special guest cocksucker twice now, but today he's behind the camera, even though I'm pretty sure he really wanted to be down on the floor with these two hot hot hot military boys as they both try to suck the cum out of each other's hot cocks at the same time.

Speaking of cocks, check out the monster member on Jack (which incidentally you can see more of in Active Duty's Warchest updates, along with a solo by Ransom which is Dink's most recent update...gawd what a hottie)! Why is it always the little guys who get the big ones? Jack's dong is almost too big...almost. I'm pretty sure Ransom thought so anyway. Ransom, a big beefy marine with lots of hot tatts is in fact, Jack's roommate. It's not the first time he and Jack have played around, a fact that Dink gets out of him in the first few minutes. After all, Ransom is grateful for Jack letting him stay at his casa (to which Joe remarks that he wishes any of his roomies from back in the day had been so grateful). But until now, it's only been one way—Jack has sucked Ransom's dick, but not vice-versa.

Well once Joe takes over from Dink behind the camera he decides to be an instigator and correct this situation. It's easy to see how Jack's hu-fucking-mungous cock could be intimidating to a newbie, but Ransom is apparently very grateful for having a place to live and chows down on Jack's thick throbbing pole like a champ.

That's nothing though compared to the all out suck-fest that follows. These guys are obviously very cool and comfortable with each other because they start 69ing each other like the world's about to end and they need to get one last nut off. You'll get several nuts off watching this amazing display of masculine lust! Even better than that, if possible, is watching these two gorgeous marines finish up by jacking off together on the couch. There's so much raw sexual energy, such intensity, it will blow your mind! And just check out the fuck-faces that Ransom makes. He's in ecstacy and you will be, too.

Joe asks Ransom how he liked eating Jack's ginormous dick for the first time, and he says it's like "discovering something wonderful." We couldn't agree more.

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