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Spence & Vance
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Well guys…we got a double punch knockout for ya today that's for sure.  Two old ASG models return in todays video; Spence & Vance. Spence who has been winding his way around southern cal filming for lots of studios decided to come to his asg home once again in this awesome romp with another former / current ASG guy named Vance.  Now Vance we hadn't seen in quite some time…nearly five years so imagine my surprise when the phone rang and it was Vance.  He said "can I?" and I said "will you?" and the when and where and who were just minor details…I was so glad to have him back and after this film you guys who don't know him will also fall right in line with all the other vance fans.

you all won't be anything but breathless watching these two very well bult studs goin' after it like it was the last they'd ever have or something…the energy in that room was so electric and so sex charged - it was such a turn on!  We have a few twists and turns and surprises in store for ya too so kick back and enjoy your weekend with Vance and Spence!

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