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Lance is a cute young guy brought to us by guest director Mike. He's a little nervous as he kneels and strokes his pretty cock for the camera. As he get's more comfortable, he bends over to show us a nice bubble butt and goes on to finger his tight little asshole. Then we get in nice and close to se... READ MORE
The scene opens with the mysterious and quiet Pearce stripping out of his black shirt and cargo pants to reveal his pierced nipple and shaven pubic region. He has a nice body tone and dark wavy hair. When he lubes up and starts to stroke it, it flirts with the camera and you can see his pretty blue ... READ MORE
In this 2011 release from our vaults, Matt brings back sexy straight guy Chris and introduces him to Aric. Chris starts with some solo jerking and works up a nice stiff cock. Then Aric comes in and he lets him give him a handjob. Finally, Chris let's Aric put that beautiful cock in his mouth and suc... READ MORE
Here's a blast from the past we dug up. A very long time ago, a young man made Doug's acquaintance back while he was still in Kansas City. His name was Tommy and this video that we're happy to re-introduce to you all is probably the most hyped, the most legendary of any videos ever produced under t... READ MORE
Pyro is Logan's best friend and workout partner. Matt has wanted to get him in a movie ever since Logan showed him his pic. Both are hot married military guys having a true bromance. Pyro really shocked us in this scene by pushing Logan's limits. They got hard, stroked each other's nice big dicks, a... READ MORE
So we were chillin' with Smoke and Tom sittin around on the patio in the sun recently… So I decided to pop in some porn and turn this into an update for all of ya! Smoke really shows off his well honed cock-sucking skills, we were all quite impressed with his performance here! Hope you all enjoy t... READ MORE
When the question is asked of a bisexual or gay model, "which of our straight guys do you wanna do the most?", the answer is almost always the same..."Bently". When they see Bently's endowment they either shreik and run or drool and pant. Well two guys that we know who are both bisexual, Jasin and E... READ MORE
We had new guy James down to a nice little mountain retreat we found and invited Axe to come along. Both guys have lots in common but especially the fact that they both have girlfriends that they like to "escape" now and then. Both guys were hella excited to play around in the great outdoors and exp... READ MORE
We threw a little get together a little while back and invited new guys Dirk and Max to hang with us and the ever so horny Peter. Peter is a total instigator and he didn't fail us this time as the night wore on. The guys took Peter's lead and what transpired was so fucking hot, none of us there coul... READ MORE
Hey Guys,

It's Kaden Saylor back with you again tonight and I got some really great news. After our LIVE Show the other night with Bastian I was able to get him to do a little more as he's getting more and more comfortable with things. In tonight's scene I was able to convince him to let m... READ MORE

Our last installment from our KC trip includes the ever-sexy Paul and our buddy James. We told James we were coming into town and he was pumped. Seems that James hadn't gotten off with a guys help since his last visit with us and he was looking forward to some guy attention...after all as James puts... READ MORE
Hey Guys! You will not believe what I have in store for tonight's update. I shot an incredibly hot scene between the sexy young stud Evan and moi. This scene is hot, like a firecracker lit from both ends! I could tell that there is a real connection between Evan and I. He is becoming my favorite! He... READ MORE
The horny energy continued a few weekends back as Paul and Kelley were joined by long time faves Rodd and Marcus for an all out mind blowing session! We hadn't seen Rodd in a while and were really glad when he called us that evening and wanted to meet up for some fun. We told Rodd that we had some h... READ MORE
Chase and Forrest are back, horny, and ready to take things to the next level! First, they jack each other's nice big cocks at the same time. Then it's time for some oral action, with Forrest blowing Chase while Chase strokes him. Finally, it's time for Forrest to lose his anal virginity. He struggl... READ MORE
Dyllan is a quiet guy with full juicy lips and a nice toned body. He doesn't waste any time and strips down naked and plays with himself on the couch of his high-rise apartment. This amateur is a little nervous with the camera (and us) watching him, so he has a little trouble staying all the way har... READ MORE
Recipe for a hot afternoon: Take two horny straight guys, a couple pussy magazines and voila you get a couple of boners. And what do guys do when the boner just won't go away? Play with it, that's what. Stroke, suck and grope until the creamed filling emerges! hahaha..That was the recipe that we coo... READ MORE
Brady had lunch last Memorial Day but this wasn't any ordinary lunch...not by any stretch of the imagination. Brady's a gay guy we met about two months ago (he's a friend of JR's) and he's all about being in videos. All about it. Knowing what a horn-dog Brady is and how much he craves cock we asked ... READ MORE
We had Jared back recently and decided it would be hella hot to have him and another hottie play around with some toys before they popped their loads. Smoke joined us for this little playtime romp. We broke out the new dick pump and had some fun with that but the real fun began when the guys learned... READ MORE
What a party! Jared and Paul and Marcus all spent time together a few weeks back when we flew em in for some filming and fun. Marcus being the stud that he is would go out at night and hunt for pussy and Jared and Paul would tag along. The guys were pretty

horned up after going to the strip club... READ MORE

Josh came (literally) to Kansas City this last summer from Minnesota to visit us. After a long,

intense night of making a straight fuck film Josh took a few hours in his hotel room to crash before returning by car to his home in the Minneapolis area. We had arranged to make a "departure" jack of... READ MORE

Man we finally did it! We finally convinced Peter (who grows more curious as time goes on) to suck on his first dick! The scene was fun. We had a weekend visitor named Giovanni back (remember him from a few years ago?) and Giovanni was ever so horny and really wanted some head. Peter really want... READ MORE
Dirk is a hot new guy that needed to do some work before he went on vacation. He's

going to be gone for a while so he dove right into it. Or should we say, Paul

dove right into him! They were both horned up last weekend so we took advantage

of that and shot this right away. Paul hadn't r... READ MORE

When we had Ryan in for a weekend last month, we couldn't help but remark on how hot

looking he was! I asked Jay "Who do you think would look good with Ryan?" And he

said that Axe was a good match. They're both smooth muscled studs, tattoed, even

similar haircuts. Plus we knew that Axe ... READ MORE

A couple of days ago we had a really hot live webcam show where Doug and Jay

discovered that Kai likes having his ass licked. He'd only had it done by a girl

before and if I'm guessing right he was pleasantly surprised by how different

that experience is when you have an ass-hungry guy d... READ MORE

We've been talking off and on for a few months now with a really hot guy that some of you may

recognize. Ryan is a real scorcher! Red headed and tall Ryan is straight but doesn't mind fooling around with guys if his "needs" are met and from the weekend we just spent with him we can tell you that... READ MORE

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