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Ty Roderick

Ty Roderick is hot, hot, hot! Build like a brick shit house this young stud fills out any item he wears oh so well. He's hung too..like a motherfucking mule!
Sometimes one guy attracts you on one level while another attracts you in another way. Some guys stimulate your intellect and others give you a stiffie. Sometimes both! Today's guy is one you haven't seen in a few months and from the instant I met him he attracted me on one level...let's just put it this way - I didn't want to marry him or engage him in witty conversation all I could do when I saw him first and every time since then was fall to my knees...and worship him (haha you thought I was going to say blow him didn't you?).

I want to pay my respect to the universe for creating such an amazing combination of genes. And I mean, who wouldn't want to pay devotion at the altar of such perfection? This video is one that was shot in a variety of settings that places the icon that is Ty Roderick front and center every time. Won' t you join me for services today so we all can worship Ty?


Our story begins with the chance encounter of Vance the smooth talkin', uber sexy sophisticate who as chance would have it emailed me for the first time in oh let's say five years just last weekend. I hadn't heard from Vance in a long time and always wondered how he was doing but suffice it to say it had been a minute since we'd met up. Of course knowing how welcome he would be in our new stable, metrosexual Vance was invited down to spend some time at the old jack off shack. Ty Roderick has also been staying here at the shack for a few weeks not having decided if he wanted to make a stay of it in the southwest or go back home to the east coast. So feeling a little overwhelmed by his new surroundings and not quite sure where to go or what to do, young Ty was a field waiting to be tilled when farmer Vance arrived in his nifty tractor ( a really nice one too...hey I didn't know Cadillac made tractors...?)

Well the first night here at the shack and Vance and Ty really hit it off big. It was like a case of puppy love or something had come over straight guy Ty when Vance entered the room and late one night began to show him how hot he (TY was) by having him flex naked in the mirror. (Why didn't I think of that?) On a few occasions I would go back into the room where they hung out and would find the lights off and them laying down in the middle of the day in bed just talking. Wow..well fast forward to a few days ago and the duo by then had left the shack for a home of their own and Vance and Ty spent a lot of time preparing for this amazing moment that we caught on film.

This is true Daddy - son energy and it just couldn't be hotter. I wonder if they're still there...Enjoy!

One of the basic priniciples in getting a straight guy to feel comfortable enough to take off his clothes in front of you or another guy he considers to be a "peer" and even more to get sexual in front of the same crew is to break out the drinking games. Now these can be silly games you have stored in your head or in your closet but regardless make sure you have plenty of hooch and always have straight porno that the guy enjoys playing in the background. Such was the scenario when we asked a couple of our newest buddies to hang out. These true first timers had never in Luke's case sucked a guy off and in Ty's case ever received head from anyone other than a female. Always loving a challenge we set about to getting the guys comfortable, laughing and horny all at the same time and if the name of the little game we were playing "Tic Tac Blow" doesn't clue you in we guess we'll just have to show ya. Enjoy!
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