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Giovanni has that street attitude that we find absolutely irresistable. You know what we mean...that guy at the bus stop who has the wife beater t-shirt on and his low-riders exposing his entire ass except for the sexy boxers covering what you wish you could see.
Man we finally did it! We finally convinced Peter (who grows more curious as time goes on) to suck on his first dick! The scene was fun. We had a weekend visitor named Giovanni back (remember him from a few years ago?) and Giovanni was ever so horny and really wanted some head. Peter really wanted to make some money and have some fun so when he called I told him to be sure to come by and we'd have a surprise waiting for him. As we urged Peter to skinny dip in the pool we brought out his surprise...Giovanni and his 9incher! Surprise, surprise! Enjoy!
What do you do when you have lots of horny straight guys, porno playing 24x7 and no girls in sight? Invite em to an all guy circle jerk? Fuck yah you do. After having lots of fun over the weekend we asked Giovanni, Vince, Guzzo, Chris and Ty to a sit and stroke session that just couldn't have been more fun. Being new, Chris was a little shy but he was really turned on by the video and all the stroking going on on the couch. He pulled it out and all the guys pulled their puds until we broke out the toys and Chris got way experimental with a vibrator and his asshole! Too fun. Enjoy!
Wow! Coming in from Florida to Arizona was a whole new experiance for me..! The same day I got off the plane I had already finished coming down from an excitement I was having from a female passenger that was on the plane next to me. She kept rubbing my cock and making me real horny but, the upsetting part is, she was unattractive...so I was left hanging hard and horny that day...I got off the plane and ran for the hills. I already had reservations for my hotel room. I got off the plane and met these cool guys, Cameron, Steve,Doug and Jay. We talked for a little and I had told Cameron about my little issue earlier that day.

Fortunatley Cameron put me on to a little secret he and the boys had in store for that day and asked if I was interested. He knew how upsetting of a predicament that was.......of course, you know how it is when the dick gets hard, I know I do. Cameron asked me if I have ever fucked a young gay boy in the ass and of course my reply was no because I have never done that before. being I am open to try anything and the mood was right.....I agreed to become an extra head, in they're little secret. At first I was a little nervous but Cameron helped me get over that quick....especially Steve seducing me with his dick sucking. As much as I like woman I defenitly realize one may learn something new everyday....! Especially when you got a guy like Steve who could suck your brains out! until next time......happy trails.

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