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Ashton plays the grim reaper in our Halloween scene "Night Cravings."
Paranormal Destination is a hit reality tv show in which 4 college guys investigate claims of hauntings. On tonight's live Halloween show, the guys are locked inside the estate of the late Dink Flamingo (founder of Active Duty). They have a seance and try to summon his spirit. Dink, who would never miss a chance to turn a straight boy (in this life or the next), takes possession of the guys and makes them have gay sex on live tv! Featuring: Logan, Ashton, Colby, Tucker and Forrest.
Just in time for Halloween, we have some good naughty fun for your enjoyment.

On a dark and stormy night, Tanner the vampire flies home and has a bloody mary cocktail. He starts feeling a little horny and summons the Grim Reaper (Ashton) and a Shapeshifter (Logan) for a little midnight fun. You know what they say about those night cravings.....one is never enough.

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