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Aric has a unique talent, he can suck his own dick and cum in his own mouth!
In this 2011 release from our vaults, Matt brings back sexy straight guy Chris and introduces him to Aric. Chris starts with some solo jerking and works up a nice stiff cock. Then Aric comes in and he lets him give him a handjob. Finally, Chris let's Aric put that beautiful cock in his mouth and suck it with vigor until he explodes.
Matt got a text from Bryce that he's got a new girlfriend that he's trying to impress. So, he was down to make some money. Matt teased him a bit about getting fucked  before getting down to business. Aric joined in and they jacked each other before Aric gave Bryce a blowjob. For the grand finale, Bryce busted a nut in Aric's mouth. Aric may have quite a future here!
Aric and Parker are both back with director Matt, and seem a little nervous as they strip down to their boxers without saying much. Then they start to stroke their hard-ons sensuously through their boxers for awhile before stripping them off to reveal a pair of hard cocks. Matt gets some nice close-ups of the beautiful boners before Aric lubes Parker up for a short handjob.

Next, Aric goes down on Parker's big thick cock as Parker tries to look away. You can tell that Parker is so straight that he is trying not to look at Aric or the camera, imagining that a hot girl is really the one bobbing on his cock. Still, Aric works hard trying to deepthroat the big dick and we know that despite his bests efforts, Parker is starting to enjoy himself more and more. Once Parker starts to face-fuck Aric, shoving his cock deep down his throats as he pumps his toned ass, you can tell Parker is getting more into the familiar role of being dominant over his partner.

After the face-fucking, it's time for some real fucking. Matt helps Parker towards the target or Aric's ass with his hand and lots of lube and Parker grinds on the crack a bit. With a little trouble at first, Parker finally shoves his bareback cock all the way into Aric. His cock gets rock hard from the sensations, and for the first time in the scene Parker's silence and stoic expression are broken with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. He fucks Aric on his stomach and knees as he builds to climax.

Finally, Parker can't help himself and he explodes right in Aric's ass, much to director Matt's surprise. Matt says to the straight amateur while laughing "This is porn; I thought you were gonna' pull out and cum on his back!" Matt gets a close-up of the creamy hole, and then Aric finishes solo and it's a wrap.

Aric is a hot bi-curious guy and Britten is a cute red-head who you've seen in a couple other videos showing off his huge ginger cock. You haven't seen Britten like this though, I asked him and he was willing to help Aric satisfy some of his curiosity. There's no need for dice or anything else, these guys are horny and I just had to wind them up and let them go to it! Britten's cock may be big and thick, but it didn't stop him from taking it like a champ!
Aric is a 22 year old hottie that came over with his buddy Jace, both of whom just got out of the Navy. Turns out he is a little curious about what it would be like to fool around with his buddy Jace. His deep brown eyes and lightly hairy chest and balls will melt your heart...he's got what you would call bedroom eyes for sure, not to mention a big ol' cock...long, thick, and almost instantly hard. Even when his hand is wrapped around it there's still plenty left to see! He's not afraid to play with his ass while he jerks...but that's not all: This guy can suck his own dick! But that's not the only surprise from this foxy little fucker! What he DOES with this talent, you'll have to watch the video to find out...
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