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A perfect specimen of masculinity, this sexy guy hung with us a few weeks back on his second visit and well we had one late night (not too unusual around here) and of course Adam passed out. With all the beds being full he had to crawl into our bed. Hmmmm...
Axe and Adam came by one night to play with a new toy of ours...a new blow up doll. Neither guy had ever fucked around with a life size blow up doll before or with each other...after that night though that all changed. Two of the nicest, sexiest guys we've ever filmed - these studs know how to please. We started off bringing out the doll (who bears a remarkable resemblance to Steve Tyler from Aerosmith..hahahaha) and after messing with her both guys decided that it was time to venture in to real human territory. Venture they did - stroking, licking, sucking and nutting all over the damned place. Fun fun fun...Enjoy.
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