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Aaron is a hot stud from back in the day when ASG started in Kansas City
In this early day adventure with hairy stud John and twinkish Aaron, these two studs were at the studio for a webcam show. Jay jumped right in and helped these guys get confortable (as in naked) and sure as the sun rises in the morning Jay went down on them both. Aaron blows John then John blows Aaron, and after this oral action Aaron was so horned up he rolled up John's legs and started plowing him like a field! We never thought in our wildest dreams that John would consent to getting fucked, but when it happened it was like a dream cum true!
Not long ago Marc was going through the archives here and found a gem of a webcam show from back in the day in KC. Aaron was one of our faves back then, and when we replayed this video in ASG Live one night our members really spoke up about it.

Aaron really gets into it with his 'toy' in this video, grinding his hips as he jacks off his hot cock. This is a true vintage classic which is certain to please!

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