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Talon has been in 12 movies, check them out!
Okay now when you see something gorgeous you always stop to enjoy it right? A beautiful sunset, magnificent artwork and of course a hot ass man. Well, today stop and take in our newest guy, Talon. Talon is a 33 year old stud straight from the mold that they broke a while back. He's a model...


Tank has been in 1 movie, check it out!
At only 19 years old, this Navy guy is the youngest guy in the Marines versus Navy four man jerk-off contest filmed by Matt.


Tanner has been in 1 movie, check it out!
We discovered Tanner after some extensive and steamy communications back and forth on the computer. Tanner is a true showman and he loves the attention that he gets from anyone... After we filmed hairy, sexy Tanner jacking his stiff dick we got the idea that he might be open to having someone jack his dick for him. Enter Brock. Brock and Tanner got along really well so we thought it just might work.


Tanner has been in 8 movies, check them out!
Tanner is a toned 18 year old with a nice big cock that decided to try porn to make money and show off his skills.


Taylor has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Taylor made our acquaintance and then some in the fall of 2008. From that time on when he made his first ever solo video quickly followed by pairings with some of our hottest guys beginning with Peter and Kasden the young man made his entrance into our hearts and groins very quickly. Strikingly handsome, tall, hung and very outgoing Taylor is a guy we aren’t likely to forget soon. Who could forget that 8 to 9 inch uncut hunk of meat between his legs? We couldn’t if we wanted to.


Tex has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Tex is schoolmates with Forrest. He's 20 years old.


Thad has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Thad is an athlete who trains all the time to stay in shape. In his off time Thad loves to date, party with and fuck women…not necessarily in that order. Thad is 5’7 and weighs about 135lbs. He is a hot, mother fuckin’ stud that’s for damned sure and he loved spending time with us and vice versa.


Tiny has been in 4 movies, check them out!
Whenever a guy is that excited we always listen. Anyway it seems that Xavier recently had his friend move into his new apartment. Xavier's brother just turned 18 a few months back and Xavier wanted us to do a video taped scene with him and "Tiny".


titan has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Titan is a wrestler from the midwest. He's wearing a lucha mask because he's afraid his old wrestling coach will recognize him

TJ Hamilton

TJ Hamilton has been in 1 movie, check it out!
TJ Hamilton is a Louisiana born and bred scoundrel who I happened to have the pleasure of meeting recently. I first encountered him online and attempted to tell him about the opportunity that he might want to pur$ue with me and while his ears perked right up his feet didn't move too quickly as we went back and forth with at least two missed appointments before I finally managed to snag this sexy MF...


Todd has been in 2 movies, check them out!
We recently introduced Todd, a hot straight stud friend of Vince’s. Everyone liked his appearance in our Double Header update last week, so we decided to give him his own Double Header this week! His first video today is a solo, where we get to watch him jack himself the way he does it when he’s at home by himself. His thick creamy load is certainly mouth watering ;)


Tom has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Tim and Tom - what a duo! These guys are, young, full of cum and pretty much willing to do anything..well almost. We break out the blow up doll in this scene and we'll let you in on a little secret..the doll only has one hole in the font and back that goes all the way through.


Tom has been in 1 movie, check it out!
So, young, smooth, beautiful…yet, we digress…Tom showed up for his audition and got down to business. Doug came out of his office looking like a deer in headlights and made the universal hand gesture for eight inches! Tom's happy ass had barely walked out the door, and we had his tape hooked up to the big-screen TV…all of us drooling!.


Tom has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Tom had a good time at the party - a very good time and he wasn't too anxious to go home...not yet. He'd been enticed with porno films most of the night and his blood had already started to run hot. Retiring to a back room we let Tom chill out and watch some more videos only this time he was alone....or so he thought.


Tommy has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Tommy is about as studly as a young college age guy can get. Sporting a killer bod and a charming smile along with amazing good looks Tommy could pretty much get whoever he wants. Imagine my surprise to find out that Tommy had never had any experiences with another guy until he wound his way to our KC studios where probably the most talked about and popular film in ASG's history was filmed. This video happens to be my own personal favorite and now it's back on the site and so is Tommy. Enjoy!


Tony has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Today we’d like to introduce Tony, a hot 19 year old stud from the Midwest that we just got in touch with recently. He’s about 6’ 2” tall or so, and a well hung lanky guy. Jay was in lust from the moment he laid eyes on him. And who could blame him; Tony is a very outgoing and likeable guy.


Tony has been in 6 movies, check them out!
Tony is a hot toned 28 year old Puerto Rican. He's 5'10" and 175 lbs with a 7.5" cock. We were introduced to him through Chris, who is on the college soccer team he coaches. Tony brought his girlfriend to his solo shoot, but she wasn't allowed to watch as the director Matt stroked his dick.

Tony Rogers

Tony Rogers has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Tony Rogers is unbelievably cute and hot and ladies (and I use that term ever so loosely) and gentlemen if there is one model on this site that epitomizes what Amateur Straight Guys is all about I would have to pick Tony Rogers. He's 19 years old and "straight but gotta itch"


Tory has been in 1 movie, check it out!
There are only a handful of models who have appeared on ASG that have produced the volume of drool (or cum) that our next "Best of" boy has generated among the ASG members. This 25 year-old, 5’11”, 165 lb., stud was an instant hit! One look into the camera with his piercing blue eyes, and you'll be amazed!


Travis has been in 3 movies, check them out!
This Travis has the same bio text as the travis above him


Travis has been in 2 movies, check them out!
We made fast friends with a new guy we met named Travis. Travis is a young, built hottie who sports a big ol hardon and couldn't wait to get his hands on our friend. Travis who is new to film and Blu who is experienced wanted to break our straight guy into the world of hot as fuck gay sex and damn did they ever manage to pull it off! Enjoy.


Trent has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Twenty five year old Trent is our newest stud and we think you'll really love him! Trent is a tall 6'7 hung straight dude from Alabama. He's constantly horny and when we first talked with him about working with us he was a little nervous but told us he only wanted to do solo films. Okay, we thought no problem...


Trey has been in 1 movie, check it out!
When he came in to see us at our studio we were really impressed. Here stood one of those guys you see all frequently in the parks playing baseball or riding their bikes. You know the type the athletic, lean and ever so sexy guys that make us all turn our heads. Well in came Trey who quietly sat down waiting to meet us and make his video debut tape.


Trip has been in 5 movies, check them out!
Meet our newest hottie name Trip. Trip is 19 and contacted us as he’s always wanted to be in adult videos. He is bisexual (recently discovered) and we think he’ll make an excellent addition to our lineup. This simple “getting to know you” session is exactly what the doctor ordered in examining Trip’s hot man-boy bod.


Tripp has been in 1 movie, check it out!
We found Tripp online...this 23 yo guy wants to be in porn and we're here to help!


Tristan has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Doug tried to get the boys to compete in a biggest dick contest...well that didn't go over too well but sheepishly they agreed. After some more conversation, Tristan agreed to jerk off on the couch...what follows is non stop hard cock pumping action that you're bound to love!


Troi has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Troi walked in to the hotel where we shot and you could tell right away that this guy was so into unwrapping his hard package for us that he could hardly wait. So when we asked him to sit down and we turned on the camera he had no issue getting started.


Troy has been in 1 movie, check it out!
This 26 year old straight stud can boast having been with twin sisters at the same time!


Troy has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Troy is 25 years old, weights 140 pounds and is 5' 6" tall. He's toned with a big white smile and a big huge cock.


Tucker has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Tucker is a cute 20 year old guy. He's friends with Forrest.


Ty has been in 1 movie, check it out!
This guy is just beautiful. He's blonde, with a great smile, nice blonde hair all over his body and sports a nice dick and ass. We had lots of fun filming Diesel who started out nervous and somewhat shy but totally opened up and hardened up once the camera started rolling. Watch this guys face as he strokes his long hard shaft...total turn on.


Ty has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Recently we had the pleasure of hanging out with Ty for an entire weekend. Kicking the weekend off we asked Ty who had worked all day if he wanted to take a shower while we watched. Ty agreed and slowly stripped out of his clothes and yanked on his 8plus inches giving us quite the show! Ty is sexy, straight, playful and a helluva lot of fun! Watching this stud pleasure himself gave us a rise in our pants and it's sure to do the same to you. Oh the plans we have for this guy...hope he plays. Enjoy!


Ty has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Ty is 20 years old and friends with Logan and Pyro.

Ty Roderick

Ty Roderick has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Ty Roderick is hot, hot, hot! Build like a brick shit house this young stud fills out any item he wears oh so well. He's hung too..like a motherfucking mule!


Tyce has been in 10 movies, check them out!
Tyce works as a personal trainer and it shows. He has an amazing body and a big cock to match.


Tyler has been in 5 movies, check them out!
Day two was interesting...as we were driving on the way to film with Tyler he said that he was talking to a friend of his and subject of dick sucking came up. Tyler said he and his friend were drunk and for some reason the subject of a guy sucking another guy off came up. "A mouth is a mouth" was basically what he and his friend agreed to when they were talking and when we heard this we knew we had an open minded guy.


Tyler has been in 1 movie, check it out!
"HOT DAMN !"...those were the words that Jay and I uttered to ourselves the day we met our newest find, Tyler. This 6'1, 170 lb, 21 year old god came in to see us a few weeks ago and our jaws dropped collectively when we went into the lobby to meet him. Tyler is cute sure but he's also got that natural hot streak that runs through him and you'll see exactly what we mean when you watch his first video with us.


Tyler has been in 1 movie, check it out!
This cute 18 year old is roommates with Forrest and Brady. He has a big beautiful cock, and let Matt suck it in his very first scene!


Tyler has been in 1 movie, check it out!
This 24 year old was referred by his best friend Bryce, who just told him the morning of his first solo what he did and how he could make money doing it too. Tyler jumps right in, turning his first solo with Matt into his 1st bj from a guy!
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