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Sam has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Sam is yet another Italian cutie that we had the good fortune to meet recently. You may remember Jay from several weeks ago - well Jay brought his buddy Sam down to meet us and instantly we knew this guy had what it took. He's outgoing, charming and fun with a great smile and sexy "come fuck me" eyes...


Scott has been in 4 movies, check them out!
We brought Marcus over to surprise Scott – in fact, to wake him up in a very pleasant way. Imagine having that big piece of meat as your regular alarm clock?? Talk about a Christmas...


Scott has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Scott is a tall cute mystery guy that Mike brings in to go to work on Lane's cock.


Scud has been in 1 movie, check it out!
It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get behind the camera with Jay so when Doug asked me if I’d film a movie for him I jumped at the chance. Especially when I saw the ska-punk kid Scud – he’s a cute young thin guy with a super hot ass! Vince and Scud hit it off right away and they looked great next to each other. We put on some porn for them and let things happen. These two horny guys were into it and rarin’ to go in just minutes. It was a lot of fun to film this intense scene with the guys, and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. ---Marc


Sean has been in 2 movies, check them out!
There's something extra sexy about a guy who likes to watch himself get off. Say what you will but we've all done it...straight, gay, bi whatever your bent you've probably enjoyed watching yourself fuck or jack off in the mirror. When we quizzed Sean when he was here in town that's one of the things we found out that he really enjoyed!


Sean has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Sean contacted us and told us he was bi - so we assumed he was a straight guy who had decided to experiment. We were a little surprised to find out it was the other way around ...


Sean has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Sean is buddies with Marley and Dean, and in his first scene, he came in Dean's mouth!


Sesso has been in 2 movies, check them out!
This hot Italian guy crossed our path not too long ago and we were pretty smitten with him. His name is Sesso (sex in Italian he says..dunno haven't looked it up). He's 25 years old, lean and sinewy and fucking studly. His attitude is low key and quiet and he has one helluva smile that would melt butter.


Seth has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Little did we realize that when we had Seth come in for a webcam show recently that it fell on his birthday. He said nothing about that when we booked him and it wasn't until the camera was on that we discovered it was his special day. Turning 23 that night, Seth was in a good mood and horny as all get out!


Shane has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Shane is a hot 19 year old stud; he's 6' tall and weighs a trim 175. He love fucking, getting sucked, and having sex during church! He's got a slim smooth body and a HUGE dick. His girlfriend is one lucky gal... but she hasn't gotten lucky the last couple of days as Shane shoots a giant load! Check out Shane's first ever appearance in adult film - only here at ASG :)


Shane has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Shane is 19, stands 5'8 and weighs 150lbs. He's a horny boy who like most other straight boys his age constantly craves pussy. Shane loves wacking off and does so several times per day and this video is a simple glance into an every day pastime for this young, cute stud. Shane is pretty open with his feelings and pretty much lets you know!


Shane has been in 2 movies, check them out!
I was the one that actually saw Shane first in our application database. I saw his nice little body and his big cock as very lickable and stickable. I knew one of our ASG studs would be down to give it to him good!


Shane has been in 5 movies, check them out!
We've been bringing you a lot of new faces lately, and today's no different. Shane is a hot 22 year old stud who is 5' 10" and weighs a sturdy 180 lbs. We're looking forward to working with Shane more soon!


Shawn has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Shawn is a hot stud Doug met on the 'Net about a month or so ago. He's 22 years old, 6' tall and a studly 180 lbs. He likes pussy, sports, and blow jobs. Your typical straight guy – just like you like 'em!


Shawn has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Shawn is a latin guy with a nice uncut cock. He was a little nervous at first, but after he got into the porn all shyness was gone.


Skeeter has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Skeeter is 6' 2" and 170 lbs. This blond-haired blue-eyed cutie is 20 years old with a nice 7.5 inch cock. He first jerked off at 13, lost his virginity at 16 and would like to have sex in water one day. He brought 3 friends with him for his first solo, but most of them chickened out.


Skyler has been in 8 movies, check them out!
We just love it when a group of guys gets together to do what all guys do - stroke their meat. We invited two of our hottest exhibitionists, Peter and David to join new guy Skyler who's just a bit shyer to watch a live fuck scene. April brought her boy toy Kasden to the shoot and the two of them fucked while the guys grew hornier and hornier and their dicks grew harder and harder.


Sly has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Sly is a Son of Texas and a basketball player whose first sexual experience was with other teammates in a hotel room!


Smoke has been in 12 movies, check them out!
Smoke is just about one of the most down-to-earth dudes you'd want to meet and besides being down-to-earth he loves to "get down" and show off. This guy is quiet and reserved, really digs working out and being in shape and obviously he does a good job at it as his physique is spectacular! He loves girls and has a really kinky "other side" to him...


Snake has been in 1 movie, check it out!
After hanging with Snake for a few days we discovered how secretly freaky he could be. We had Snake come over and after a few hours we suggested that maybe...just maybe he might want to try something that he'd hinted around about. So we called Ken, the eternally horny and asked if he wanted us to bring Snake by so he could meet him...


Spence has been in 31 movies, check them out!
Spence is our newest discovery, and boy what a fucking hot stud he is! He's 26, 6' tall, has a great piece of meat between his legs, and is a muscled packed 200 lbs. He loves 'freaky whores' ...the dirtier the better, according to him ;) He works out (obviously), likes to play sports, and is an All American guy. Loves baseball and hair pie!

Stanley Hammer

Stanley Hammer has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Stanley is one tall drink of water at 6' 3" and weighs about 185 pounds. He has a long dick to match his height. This California boy likes to golf and has been doing latin dance for six years. He's fluent in French and Spanish.


Sterling has been in 1 movie, check it out!
We fell in love (okay it was really lust) when sexy ass Sterling rode into our parking lot on his motorcycle. This studly guy was interested in making adult movies and everyone's eyes got just a bit bigger when he came in for his first talk with us. Sterling is a semi-pro body builder who competes regularly and he loves to have people watch him...


Steve has been in 4 movies, check them out!
Steve is a young gay man who recently moved to Phoenix and doesn't know too many people yet. Steve is adorable with a nice lean body and eager attitude and oh yah one more thing - he LOVES to get fucked! Loves it!


Stifler has been in 4 movies, check them out!
This hot 21 year old Marine had no problems getting naked and hard right off the bat. At 6' and 175 lbs, he's lean and ripped.


Styx has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Styx: as soon as you see him you know that there's something uniquely hot about this one. Smoldering with masculinity, but open minded enough to get his dick sucked by his buddy Joe. Perfect body, great attitude, you'll fall in love. It can't be just us who are so taken with this 21yo marine/MMA fighter.
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