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Parker has been in 4 movies, check them out!
Parker is the perfect boy next door-good looking and super hung. Parker has been working with Matt for a couple of years and even though he loves women, he has learned to appreciate getting handjobs and blowjobs from guys.

Pat Rolan

Pat Rolan has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Pat Rolan is a 26 year old from Seattle that moved down to Southern California to escape the cold weather. His background is Swedish and Czech, which explains his blonde hair and beautiful light eyes. This well hung cutie once had a busty older woman spontaneously go down on him and they had sex in public at a marina.


Paul has been in 5 movies, check them out!
What can we say about Adonis...er, I mean Paul. This guy is so incredibly perfect that he took our breath away. Paul is gorgeous...absolutely incredible body - great chest and washboard abs and has control of virtually every muscle in his body! And of course as members you get to see every damn one of his muscles...


Paul has been in 6 movies, check them out!
This guy is so hot that you just want to be near him like all the time! With his lean, well defined body, chiseled face, gorgeous muscular ass and that adorable southern drawl of his we know you'll just eat this guy up! Paul is straight but learned a little while ago that he likes attention from everyone...


Payton has been in 4 movies, check them out!
Well let us introduce Payton to you all. He is one of the most anxious boys we have seen in a long time… Anxious to get his dick sucked on camera that is. He is fresh off the boat from London and he aims to make a dent in this industry one way or another. Keep your eyes out for this one, he’s a keeper.


Pearce has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Pearce is a shy and quiet guy that rubs one out on his green sofa.


Perry has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Perry called us up and was totally willing to do whatever we asked. This first segment of our new video featuring Perry by himself is pure jerk off heaven as Perry preps himself by rubbing his big shaved crotch and finally pulls out this monster dick! You probably won't see a hotter series of jerk off films than this! Here's Perry...


Peter has been in 13 movies, check them out!
Peter is straight, loves women (talks about pussy constantly) and is one handsome so and so. Evan hails originally from England and is gay. Neither guy had met until that dripping hot afternoon. The set up was simple, Peter wanted a blow job and Evan wanted to give one.


Pyro has been in 9 movies, check them out!
We're not sure if Pyro got this nickname for his love of fire, or just because he's hot! This navy guy is married and best friends with Logan.
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