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Kaden Saylor

Kaden Saylor has been in 7 movies, check them out!
Kaden Saylor is the poster boy from Dink Flamingo's Active Duty. Blonde, blue-eyed, with a genetically perfect body and a voice that will melt your heart, this all-american Texas boy is one of the hottest guys around!


Kai has been in 22 movies, check them out!
Kai is a new stud we recently met through Grant; he’s a meaty 29 year old jock from northern Arizona. He’s totally straight and has never fooled around with a guy though he has been approached a number of times before. He’s 6’1”, natural blond, all muscle, and has some cool dragon tat’s on his chest.


Kameron has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Kameron came on to the set as the designated driver for his friend Joel, and ended up becoming the designated fluffer!


Kane has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Kane is a 22 year old friend of Forrest's who goes to the same school.


Kasden has been in 14 movies, check them out!
On a recent trip to a local strip club we met Kasden. We discovered that Kasden was really interested in making videos for us. We were surprised to find out that Sesso was his buddy and fellow stripper. We got both guys to agree to do a film together and this is what transpired. This is real, true to life footage of buddies fooling around that we think will bring your dick to full attention! Enjoy.


Kaz has been in 2 movies, check them out!
We paired Kaz, our buddy from KC with a guy you all have seen before named Snake. Kaz was in town and out of the blue Snake showed up to see us with his girlfriend in tow. They had driven to Phoenix from Texas and their car broke down along the way. Snake was all about getting it on and Kaz was horny so we invited both guys to come with us to a private spot where we could "unleash" that horniness...

Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Keith is a 27 year old gay guy from Pennsylvania who now lives in LA. This shy homebody likes to watch movies, read and have sex. Movies he likes include sci-fi, fantasy and comedy. He once had sex with a boyfriend in a Chicago museum.


Kelley has been in 2 movies, check them out!
A new stud (and that he is from head to fucking toe) crossed our path recently named Kelley. Kelley is 29 years old, beefy, athletic, intelligent, hot but most of all – horny. So horny that he was willing to do almost anything to get off.


Kelton has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Kelton is a sexy toned 18-year-old blonde brought to us by guest director Kaden Saylor. Kelton weights 180 lbs, and likes working out, as well as outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and camping.


Ken has been in 4 movies, check them out!
Ken is 27 hot as all get out and wants to be a porn star. Ken's bi and obviously knows his way around the playground. So pairing Ken with Todd was perfect! An experienced bi dude and an inexperienced bi dude. What would happen? Watch as these two dudes do pretty much everything.


Kennedy has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Kennedyis a 25 year old gay guy who wanted to do a porn film to get back at his boyfriend, so we introduced him to straight guy Chris. A funny story is that he found out from his parrot, yes his parrot, that his live-in boyfriend was cheating with his ex-girlfriend. Kennedy is 6' 11" and 178 lbs. with brown hair and hazel eyes.


Kindal has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Kindal is a soldier who likes to race RC cars and play paintball. He works out 5 times a week, which is probably why this straight stud has a near perfect body of 6' 2" tall and 190 pounds.


Kirk has been in 1 movie, check it out!
We had difficulties getting Kirk to be on camera as he was nervous as a whore in church but when we finally got him...we got him good. The young man had just had his first "bi" experience not long before which made the field easier to plow and man did we bring home the harvest. Kirk had one of the nicest, best shaped asses ever and of course Jay had to get a sampling as soon as possible.


Kyle has been in 2 movies, check them out!
We had a fun few days with a new friend we met from Colorado named Kyle. Kyle is fucking cute standing 5’11 and weighing in at a buck sixty. This horny bisexual guy was pretty much aching to get away from his girlfriend and get some hot straight cock in his mouth


Kyle has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Kyle is a friend of Jace's who was sort of a hero back home for having slept with his milf tennis student and her teenage daughter. He tells us that he had sex 5 times before his first jerk off at age 15.
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