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Bastian has been in 6 movies, check them out!
Bastian is a hot young firecracker of a Texan with a lot of attitude and a dick to match it.


Beau has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Beau came in thru a friend referral-His preppy- jock look and confidence made him super sexy.He talked about being dominate in bed and his favorite form of sex is anal!


Ben has been in 1 movie, check it out!
This former high school jock fucked more than his fair share of cheerleaders in high school - including on the team bus on the way back from a game! But only a few of his teammates got to watch...lucky guys huh?


Bently has been in 14 movies, check them out!
Meet Bently, our super hot new find. Bently is 21, 6' 1", weighs 150 lbs, and is hung like a donkey! And he's a super cool dude too. He's a friend of Kasden's and is pretty open to trying new things. This is his first adult video ever and we're looking forward to his next video >>very much<< Enjoy!

Big Tex

Big Tex has been in 1 movie, check it out!
24 year old "Big Tex" is one of those transient guys that every straight guy cocksucker meets now and then. You always look back at those transient guys and wonder after time where they are and how they're doing knowing full well you'll probably never see them again.

Black Jaxx

Black Jaxx has been in 3 movies, check them out!
This 27 year old straight guy from Oakland California was introduced to us by Jett Blakk. He played many sports in high school and college, and at 6' 4" he was especially good at basketball until he hurt his knee. This well-hung former jock lost his virginity at 14, but the solo he did for us was his first time doing anything sexual on video.


Blain has been in 5 movies, check them out!
Blain is 26, and from Nebraska


Blake has been in 2 movies, check them out!
We met a new guy named Blake who raised our eyebrows a bit. With lights blazin' and hormones risin' we set Blake in front of something inspirational so he could show us his stuff. Blake did just that and we loved watching him so much we invited him back again! We think you'll be as "smitten" as we were with this new, young, hot straight guy! Enjoy.


Blu has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Blu is one of Jay's favorite pro porn-stars. What transpired between everyone the afternoon we filmed was pure magic. Blu, who is experienced, wanted to break our straight guy into the world of hot as fuck gay sex and damn did they ever manage to pull it off! Enjoy.

Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae has been in 2 movies, check them out!
A first timer with us Bobby Rae came in from Alabama to do some work. Bobby Rae is 20 years old and he's all man...straight man - our favorite! Bobby's "hustlerish" deameanor is just what the Doctor ordered as we were in the mood for some straight and semi-dangerous trade.


Bosco has been in 7 movies, check them out!
Okay guys do we have a treat for you! Recently we met two studs named Landon and Bosco who are a gay couple that want to get into the "biz". We instantly thought that Kai would be the perfect partner for their first ever video and coincidentally their first ever threesome!


Brad has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brad is 5' 11" tall and weighs 165 pounds. Brad says he really enjoys playing soccer, but today we're going to engage him in an even more popular pastime- masturbation.


Brady has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brady had lunch last Memorial Day but this wasn't any ordinary lunch...not by any stretch of the imagination. Brady's a gay guy we met about two months ago (he's a friend of JR's) and he's all about being in videos. Knowing what a horn-dog Brady is and how much he craves cock we asked if he liked straight guys...


Brady has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brady is an 18 year old from Texas who is friends with Forrest.

Brayden Lang

Brayden Lang has been in 3 movies, check them out!
I ran across Brayden on an industry hiring board and he instantly caught my eye. After a few conversations and some very vivid fantasies on my part he was jetting his way across the country to spend a few days with me! You may have seen him before on Broke Straight Boys. Super fuckin' hot Brayden seemed almost too good to be true and he seemed way older than his mere twenty years.


Breck has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Breck is a 23 year old military guy who came in with three of his buddies to audition for porn. This sexy ginger has a nice big dick and a juicy pair of low hangers.


Brent has been in 3 movies, check them out!
Every once in a while a guy crosses our path who is so fucking hot and so fun that we just can't wait to share him with ya. 28 year old Brent is just such a guy. A bi construction worker, Brent contacted us about exploring his sexual fantasies of being filmed and having fun. Brent is married and his wife is also really hot about seeing him on video...


Bret has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Bret is a soldier from Seattle. He likes to surf, skate, snowboard, fish and go camping. He's been in the army for 5 years and been deployed 3 times, including to Iraq and Afghanistan.


Brett has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Once his clothes came off (he never took his cowboy hat off the whole time… fucking hot!) we knew we had a star on our hands. Soon to be in our hands. With his long thick uncut cock and huge low hanging balls, Jay’s mouth started watering immediately. Fortunately for us, Brett’s pretty uninhibited.


Brevan has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Every once in awhile we meet someone who has that extra "something" that just makes him stand out from the rest of the studs in the stable. Brevan is one of those. He's simply everything a straight guy lover would want. He's tough, gorgeous, hung and has a little bit of "street" jumping off of him. It's no wonder that we think he's a stud,


Brian has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brian has long been an Active Duty favorite, and we were lucky enough to get to match him up with our very own Bently!


Brick has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brick is one helluva hot find! He's 19, 6' tall and weighs 180lbs. Brick hails from the farm country of rural Kansas and he must have bult those muscles of his pitching hay cuz he's a pretty built mother fucker. Enjoy peeking in on Brick.


Britten has been in 5 movies, check them out!
Britten is 19, a sophmore in college and is on the wrestling team


Brock has been in 27 movies, check them out!
This stud is ALL hetero-man. He's hairy in all the right places with a nice bush, butt and basket. Brock likes to go out and drink, play pool and baseball. He loves women and admitted to some pretty fun and freaky activities both on and off camera...


Brock has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brock came in to do a scene with Damion, and he was so nervous about giving his first blowjob that director Matt was teasing him about it being a vibrating blow job!


Brody has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Brody is 6' 1" and 180 lbs. with brown hair, blue eyes and a 7.5" cock. After being overweight his whole life, he lost his virginity at age 19 after loosing 80 lbs. and joining the football team.


Bryan has been in 3 movies, check them out!
This guy is cover boy material for sure. We loved this kid the minute we laid eyes on him and that has grown as we've gotten to know him. Totally hot, totally sweet, quiet and respectful. As Jay put it, "they broke the mold when they made this one".


Bryan has been in 2 movies, check them out!
Meet Bryan – he’s a friend of a friend of ours we just met the day we filmed this. He’s 26, 5’10, and hung! He’s a hot party-boy who likes gettin’ naked and wet with str8 bois at after hour house parties. Marc was in town for the weekend, so we thought they’d have a good time together. Boy, were we right!


Bryce has been in 8 movies, check them out!
Bryce--I spotted this guy at the local video store where he works. I knew he was good looking but had no idea what was hiding underneath his baggy uniform. As his clothes came off I saw that he was lean and ripped but the bigger surprise was the bulge in the briefs.

Buff Daddy

Buff Daddy has been in 1 movie, check it out!
Early one Sunday morning we invited a new guy "Buff Daddy" to come over for an early morning swim. "Buff" as he is called is a thirty-something guy who is just as his name states, buff and built. He's confident, sexy and loves attention, so much so that as the morning progressed and the temperature got warmer so did his crotch as he rubbed and played...
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